Ritmo y Magia Latina Dance Company
Omar Morgan Guttie


AUDITIONS for Ritmo y Magia Latina


All Levels
Salsa/Bachata/Cha cha partnering & styling for beginner, intermediate & Advance dancers and students.
Sunday January 12, 2014 @  3 pm 
Recruiting for AL dance Teams/ Dance program
RML DANCE Co. highly appreciates the art of Salsa Dancing, which we believe is all about the feeling and interpretation, along with proper technique and styling. This is what sets RML Dance Co. apart from many dance companies out there today! All ages, sizes and shapes are welcome to join!

Semi pro team
Intermediate Team

Amateur Team
Styling Team
Contact me for additional info!
Thank you,
Omar Guttie



 Omar was born in August 31, 1983 in the city of Managua, Nicaragua. As a young child he was surrounded by music of different styles, fashion, and the arts but was never pushed to be part of it at a deeper level.  At the young age of 12, Omar immigrated to the United stated making Los Angeles his new home. Omar went through many changes during his high school years by becoming part of different teams including Show choir, Cheer, Southern California Honor Association Choir, and others.

Omar always felt pulled to the beats and rhythms of Latin music, but extreme shyness kept him from dancing as a child in his homeland of Nicaragua.  Then while attending college in 2002 he heard salsa music pouring out of an aerobics class at his Long Beach gym, and decided to give it a try.  After graduating from College as a Fashion Designer and returning from Miami where he moved to pursue his dream of been a designer, he soon started taking salsa classes in 2003, and fell deeply in love with the dance – as both a leader and a follower. For the past two years Omar has been teaching group classes, workshops, and private lessons, emphasizing skill and technique that can be applied to multiple moves and patterns.  He strives to help his students to enjoy the learning process as they explore new territory, and feels like a proud parent when they make strides toward their dancing goals. 

Omar has performed and competed at local salsa clubs, and has recently started his own ladies’ styling and couples’ dancing teams.  His unique flare and ability to capture both drama and playfulness in his movements are what have earned him much respect and admiration in the social dancing scene as well.

Also, Omar is very excited to teach the same-sex/LGBT community how to dance.  He feels that he can make a positive difference by teaching and creating a safe place for all people – male, female, gay, or straight – to allow their bodies to interpret salsa music, and experience the thrill and freedom of dancing. Omar has now started Ritmo y Magia Latina a new dance company founded in September 1st 2009 which welcomes with open arms all types of dancers from Amateurs to Semi pros .He believes in working hard, in having fun and he certainly loves what he does.


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